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Thermont®- roof sandwich panel

Thermont<sup>®</sup>- roof sandwich panel

Thermont®, is a classic roof sandwich panel with an unusual Thermontplus® variant.

Thermont® is a panel with a polyurethane core in a shield of two sheets, in the Thermont plus an inner roof shield made of sheet is replaced by OSB. Thermont sandwich panels are used for roofs in residential and industrial construction - alone or in addition to Thexpan sandwich panels.

Types of panels


The “Classic” Thermont® is made of two protective sheets and a polyurethane core. A distinctive feature of this type of panel is the density of the insulation material (42 kg / m3 compared to the standard 32 kg / m3) and the characteristic method of joining the panels.


The Thermont variant is Thermont plus built from one – top shielding sheet, polyurethane core and internal lining of OSB. This type of panel strengthens the roof load capacity and eliminates the thermal bridge of the lower lining (the sheet of the lower lining must be cut – the OSB not). It is also easier to fasten the finishing linings to the roof.

Available dimensions and thermal parameters

Both Thermont and Thermont plus are produced in a net width of 1.1 m, length 1 – 12.5 m and in the following thicknesses of the PUR core *:

  • 100 mm (U=0,21 W/m2K)
  • 140 mm (U=0,15 W/m2K)
  • 200 mm (U=0,10 W/m2K) 

To the total thickness of the panel it is necessary to add the linings:

  • Thermont: 0.5 mm sheet + PUR thickness + 0.5 mm sheet
  • Thermont plus: 0.5 mm sheet + PUR thickness + 15 mm OSB

*It is possible to manufacture Thermont plus panels of non-standard thickness on special order.

Features and advantages

Thermont, in addition to all the features characterizing sandwich panels (i.e. finish, construction and insulation in one), also has a series of other advantages which are not offered by other manufacturers. From among them it should be mentioned:

  • increased insulation (average core density is 42 kg / m3 and not 32 as in standard sandwich panels)
  • higher load capacity of the panel (thicker re-profiling and self-locking roof clip)
  • no visible connectors (hidden under the clip)
  • possibility of laying on flat roofs (hidden additional sealing under the clip)
  • passive connections (hidden additional sealing under the clip)
  • ready-made external finish

A special feature of the Thermont sandwich panel is the possibility of laying a roof with a slope of less than 5%. None of the other systems gives such a chance without leakage. Thermont thanks to the additional sealing systems invented by us and the shape of the roof lock, allows you to seal the connection in 100% and cover it with a special closure – a self-locking clip. In this way, neither the connector nor the gasket is visible and do not create a potential source of leakage. This connection proves well also in passive facilities, because it creates a tight thermal and air partition.

Additionally, in the variant Thermontplus:

  • no thermal bridges (OSB from the inside of the roof)
  • no need to cut the internal sheet during assembly

Example of roofs

The Thermont roof can be made in any colour of sheet available in the manufacturer’s colour palette. It is also possible to order additional sheet metal for execution of roofing treatments of the same colour (from one scroll).