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The idea of the Solverter® system is based on the use of the Thexpan® roof as a source of thermal energy coming from the air and solar radiation.

The roof as a heat absorber is a proprietary solution of Solcraft®.

The Thexpan® sandwich panel is a highly energy-saving roofing material. Additionally, by joining the coil pipes and the outer sheet of the sandwich panel, it forms a heat exchanger. This exchanger can be combined with heat accumulators and a heat pump based on a liquid, glycol medium circulating in the primary heat source circuit.

The Solverter® system can provide free energy for DHW (domestic hot water) and central heating on all sunny days, without the need for a heat pump. A sufficiently large surface of a sunny roof ensures a dynamic increase in the temperature of the exchanger and energy flow to the storage tanks, even in short-term sunlight. That could not be ensured by traditional solar collectors.

On cloudy days, Solverter® uses the thermal energy of the air. This energy, through the glycol flowing in the exchanger, supplies the heat pump as the so-called lower heat source. This source - unlike a ground - never freezes because it is surrounded by air and not by soil. It also has a wider temperature spectrum of the heat source to be used, because the air does not have a constant temperature and the operating temperature necessary for the heat pump can be regulated with the temperature of the glycol supplied to the Solverter® exchanger. In the Solverter® system, there is also no need to test the ability to supply thermal energy, because air is its unlimited resource.

The Solverter® system also has the unique advantage of significantly reducing energy consumption and labor consumption in terms of the cost of the system itself and in the construction of the entire facility. The position of the roof with the absorber is absolutely no different from the position of any other roof, so the heat source is created without effort. Solverter® does not require permits, surveys, geological surveys, and ultimately no drilling or excavation. The execution time of a given facility along with an ecological heating system can therefore be shortened to the necessary minimum. The investment does not require any knowledge from the investor and the associated supervision over its course and coordination of the activities of various specialists, as is the case with ground heat pumps. The system does not interfere with the surroundings of the facility and its infrastructure (no boreholes, no excavations, no external units emitting noise).

The absorber (Thexpan® sandwich panel) of the Solverter® system is an invisible element of the roof and has no environmental impact. It does not emit noise, does not devastate the surroundings of the building, does not limit or impose the method of developing the area around the building

Like all heating systems based on heat pumps, Solverter® is a low-temperature system designed to work with facilities with appropriate energy needs in terms of heat dissipation.

The Solverter® heating system is characterized by the following properties:

  • use of renewable energy,
  • high energy efficiency,
  • no interference with the building's surroundings and the environment,
  • no interference with the external infrastructure of the building,
  • low investment costs,
  • low operating cost,
  • elimination of smog without the need to increase heating costs.

While the energy for heating the facility can be limited, the amount of energy for domestic hot water (DHW) does not change - it even increases due to the way people live today. In the energy balance of the facility, the share of DHW energy is increasing compared to that for central heating. Meanwhile, the heat needed to prepare the DHW costs much more than that needed for heating. A low-temperature central heating system requires a medium temperature in the range of 25-35 degrees C, and hot water at a minimum of 45 degrees C.

Regardless of whether Solverter® uses sunlight or air, it always uses the vast majority of renewable energy and can meet the thermal needs of the facility (both entral heating and DHW) 85 - 100% depending on the severity of the winter season. A possible shortage of energy above this (in the harsh winter season) is provided by another supplementary source in the form of, for example, an electric heater in the tank.

The costs of central heating and domestic hot water preparation are the lowest compared to the costs resulting from the use of all other known heating systems (gas, pellets, wood briquettes, eco-pea coal, fuel oil, electricity).

Solverter® can be used in both newly built and existing buildings (replacement of the roof with an energy-saving one and a heating system with a surface heating system is required).

The Solverter® system enables the elimination of burdensome heating systems based on the combustion of coal and wood, even in areas with no access to gas - without the need to increase heating costs. All it needs is electricity (to power the heat pump and emergency heaters), air and sun. Then it works most effectively in logic: first from the sun, then from the air and the heat pump (as the sun does not shine). For now, the use of sun and air is tax-free, so Solverter® is also tax-free.