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About Solcraft®

The basis for establishing the Solcraft company in 2011 was over 30 years of experience of the Management in the production of sandwich panels (within the framework of the Tarmont company) in combination with our own ideas of innovative products patented in Poland and worldwide.

As the Ambassador of Passive Construction of the Polish Institute of Passive Construction and Renewable Energy – we are the first in the segment to specialize in the production of a new generation of energy-saving and environment-friendly building materials, SIP panels (Structural Insulated Panel), based on the experience of the North American and Western European market.

We located our first production plant in Bogdanka near Łódź, keeping in mind the central location towards domestic customers and their logistic comfort. The Commercial Department of the Company is located in Michałowice near Warsaw, from where we reach our foreign partners more easily.

Careful analysis and satisfaction of clients’ needs in the area of new solutions reducing the costs of investment and operation of residential and industrial buildings underpins the Solcraft’s activity.

We care about the proper relationship between the cost of the product, and the result of its application.

We make the construction sector energy-saving and economical.