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Solvero - thermodynamic halls

Solvero - thermodynamic halls

The Solvero® hall system allows the use of renewable energy as a direct source of heat.

On sunny days, heat is extracted from the sun's rays, while - when clouds dominate the sky and at night - the system extracts energy from the air and powers the heat pump. The stored energy is used to prepare heat for DHW as well as central heating. The system also provides an opportunity to use the heat in production processes.

Thexpan panel®

The element that is crucial with the Solvero® hall system is the THEXPAN® panel. Its use allows the absorption of heat through the entire roof surface. Such an absorber - acting as a bottom source - makes it possible to use a heat pump heating system, without the need to drill and excavate or install additional equipment on the site or within the site.

The Solvero® hall system guarantees a variety of benefits


No problems caused by overheating of the installation

The maximum temperatures reached in the installation of the roof exchanger do not exceed 80 degrees Celsius. There is no risk of overheating the glycol, as is the case with typical vacuum solar panels.

Assessable effectiveness at the design stage

Solvero® halls offer comprehensively prepared heating systems with equipment selected and parameterized for the site. The ability to evaluate the effectiveness is not dependent on the quality of the ground, and the mass of heat extracted is much greater than in the case of ground pumps.

Ecological and maintenance-free heat source for DHW and space heating

The halls acquire free energy for DHW, central heating and, if necessary, production processes on all days of the year, with greater efficiency than traditional solar panels and ground source heat pumps.

Low energy acquisition costs

The cost of obtaining energy comes down only to transfering the heat from the absorber to the consumers. Increasing its share in the energy balance significantly reduces the cost of operating the entire facility.

Possibility of snow removal from the roof

The Solvero® hall system makes it possible - optionally - to remove snow from the roof in an inverted heat pump system.

Solvero® - the most efficient energy acquisition system



Warehousing, manufacturing and commercial facilities