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Our Team


Dariusz Dżegan - the originator of Solcraft, our CEO and mentor. His experience in construction and thermal insulation dates back to the early 1990s. As part of the Tarmont brand, he was one of the first Polish producers of sandwich panels and quickly gained the status of a market leader. As a manufacturer of cooling exchangers and steel structures, he expanded his knowledge in the field of construction and thermodynamics. SIP systems were learned at the source - in the United States. Thanks to these experiences, he launched the Solcraft brand, which has been offering American solutions adapted to European conditions since 2011. Privately, a globetrotter who gets used to the term "grandfather".



Agnieszka Dżegan and Katarzyna Sójka - "boss' daughters", the right and sometimes the left hand of their father. Graduates of prestigious polish and foreign universities, Global MBA graduates. Responsible for domestic and foreign customer service, marketing and special tasks. They 100% believe in the systems they manufacture, which is why they have used almost all Solcraft products in their homes. Passions for traveling and construction seem "to run in the family ". In their free time, they enjoy the silence, because their little ones are probably asleep.

Michał - technical and commercial advisor by vocation and profession. He has eaten bread from more than one "construction oven", so he is familiar with modern technologies. A fan of chess, puzzles and other intellectual challenges, which he undertakes in his free time (logical games) and at work (dreams and ideas of Customers). After hours, he develops a passion for physics and astronomy.



Andrzej - director of the production plant in Bogdanka and our "Dexter". A flesh and blood engineer, a graduate of the Lodz University of Technology, historically associated with the production of solar panels. He uses his knowledge and experience, among others to develop our Solverter thermodynamic systems. He is passionate about working on new products and magic tables in Excel, to which he devotes every free moment. In the factory and in the Excel cells "Ordnung muss sein".

Łukasz - as our production master faces the challenges of everyday life on and around the production hall. He oversees production processes and makes sure that every panel we produce arrives at the construction site quickly and safely. He spends his free time actively mainly on bike rides.

Piotr and his brigade - the right hand of the production director, "man orchestra", associated with the company from the first days of its existence. Together with his brigade, he is responsible for ensuring that each panel is made in accordance with the design and with the utmost care. Without them, no building in our systems would be created!



Dorota - chief accountant, chief human resources officer and our "company mother". Of course, She is primarily responsible for finances, but like every mother, she cares about the "homely feeling at work". Sometimes she caresses but more often she scolds for the mess. She spends her free time with her grandchildren in her new home built naturally in the H-Block system we produce.



Paweł - graduate of prestigious Polish university of technology at the faculties of construction and architecture. Solcraft designer, Dietrich and Sketch Up master. He redesigns each building to use our technology, he is not afraid of challenges and constantly broadens hi horizons with new construction and installation issues. Paweł is interested in architecture, history and travel. A freshly baked part-time dad and a lover of the Tatra Mountains. In his spare time, he draws and rides a bicycle. 


Marta & Robert – a couple for special tasks - "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" of Solcraft systems. Civil and environmental engineers with almost 20 years of professional experience, graduates of prestigious Polish technical universities, certified European Passive House Designers/Advisers (both graduated from the prestigious course developed by the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt).  Designers of wooden structures, sanitary installations, with authorization to direct construction works. Passionate in flesh and blood, lovers of healthy food, although they also do not skimp on delicacies from the nationally known Bydgoszcz confectionery. In addition, lovers of nature, adventure, wind and water.


Roman - an associate member of the Solcraft team for many years. A graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology, an authorized designer and constructor in the construction and building specialty without restrictions. It is his calculations and his signature that appear under the structures of Solcraft buildings.



Paweł - indescribable person, requires closer acquaintance. Creator of formulas in Excel that even Excel did not know existed. A key member of the costing department, an owl rather - not a lark.  Together with his family he has probably cycled through the whole country. The greater the challenge, the more willing he is to take it.

Marta and Tomasz - the future of the Polish construction industry. Students at the Warsaw University of Technology, will soon be able to boast Eng. and M.Sc. degrees in front of their names. Invaluable support to the cost estimating and customer service departments. Always at the post, well, unless you happen to be in session....


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