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Frigothex®- cooling sandwich panel

Frigothex<sup>®</sup>- cooling sandwich panel

Frigothex® is an innovative, based on the technical know-how of the Solcraft, solution for a sandwich panel for use in cold storage and freezing chambers.

The Frigothex®sandwich panel uses the idea of Thexpan sandwich panels in which a heat exchanger is placed under the surface of sheet linings of the insulating core.

The Frigothex®sandwich panel is made of two copper or other sheathing sheets, heat exchanger tubes and polyurethane thermal insulation. What is important, the pipes are placed directly under the sheet, thanks to which they take off or emit heat through the largest possible surface. In the Frigothex plus variant, the outer lining is made of the OSB plate, increasing the stiffness of the panel.

In the cooling function, Frigothex®, being the wall and ceiling of the chamber, through its internal heat exchanger, absorbs the chamber heat – own heat and heat of the fruits and vegetables stored there. It combines three functions of the refrigeration / freezing chamber: cooling, isolation, moisture maintenance. Ice water is the refrigerant in the chambers of the Frigothex system, but it can also be glycol in the right concentration. Ice water provides exchange temperatures up to 0 degrees C and glycol below.

The source of the “coolness” is the external aggregate. It may be an ice water generator but also e.g. a heat pump. Having a heat pump used to heat the rooms, instead of losing the “cold” of the pump, we can supply the glycol system of the chamber in the Frigothex sandwich panel system with it. In a special case, even water from a well pressed into the Frigothex sandwich panel exchanger can be used for cooling. Then it is possible to reach the temperatures slightly higher than 0 degrees C, but much cheaper than from the refrigeration unit.

Features and advantages

The air-cooling methods used in storage so far are based on the use of cooling exchangers mounted inside insulated spaces.

Such a system is effective under the condition of proper selection of the cooling system (cooler, aggregate, evaporator) and housing insulation.

Regardless of the quality of refrigeration devices air drying and frosting of coolers always occurs in this type of chambers.

Air drying is harmful to fruits and vegetables stored in the chambers.

By using Frigothex® sandwich panels it is possible to build low temperature storage chambers that maintain:

  • air humidity (no frosting on the radiator),
  • higher cooling capacity (the wall and ceiling surface is an exchanger),
  • higher efficiency of storage (there are no coolers hung on the wall)
  • better temperature distribution (cools through the entire surface of the ceiling and walls)
  • higher safety standard (low pressure of the medium in the exchanger),