Why Solcraft?

As the first in the segment, we specialize in the production of a new generation of energy-saving and environment-friendly building materials.


Time saving

Short time of assembly of ready-made elements makes it possible to build a house in just a few days – regardless of the weather conditions and the season.


Smaller supervision

Modularity of our system significantly minimizes the number of mistakes that can be made on the construction site.



Production of panels to size and their appropriate designation make that the buildings in our technology are erected extremely “simply”.



A minimum number of tools is required to build a house in our technology, and the lightness of the panels eliminates the need to use heavy machines.



Thanks to the use of the highest quality materials for the production of our panels and the characteristics features of the SIP technology, houses in our systems are extremely resistant to operations of the forces of nature.


Larger usable area

Due to the fact that our panels are both load-bearing and insulating modules, the thickness of walls and roofs of buildings in Solcraft systems is more than twice lower than in traditional buildings with a similar level of insulation.


Lightweight design

Due to the small thickness and weight of the panels, the construction of the building made in Solceraft systems is lighter which significantly reduces investment costs.

This is due to smaller: depth and size of foundations, depth of hoods, thickness of floor beams, rafters and columns; the length of fixings and the structure of the building.


Very low bills

The closed-cell polyurethane foam, which forms the core of our panels, is the insulation material with the highest thermal resistance among industrial scale available insulation materials available for construction insulation, which significantly affects the low heating costs.

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