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 Familiarize yourself with innovative products that are the result of over 30 years of experience of the founders of Solcraft

ThexpanY 180x180 - Strona dla klientów indywidualnych


Thermodynamic panel Thexpan is a patented roofing with a sheet coating and a solar heat exchanger hidden under it. In any colour and formed into a shape similar to the “standing seam” sheet, the Thexpan panel is laid on a construction reduced to a minimum and in any type of roof – even a flat one.

It provides exceptional thermal insulation and air tightness. The roof from Thexpan panel is laid down in a few hours. It occurs in the variant Thexpan / sheet – polyurethane – sheet / and Thexpan plus / sheet-polyurethane-OSB /. The OSB plate replaces the lower sheet in the “plus” variant eliminating the thermal bridge.

HblockY 180x180 - Strona dla klientów indywidualnych


H-Block is protected by patent law, reinforced SIP panel, made of polyurethane foam enclosed in a box construction and permanently connected to the OSB wood panel.

H-Block panels are dedicated for energy-saving and passive construction.

They allow you to build a very warm home in a few days.

They are resistant to temperatures, hurricanes and earthquakes.

They reduce the wear of the structure because they are self-supporting.

They are available in the H-Block variant (walls) and H-Block plus (floors, ceilings, roofs).

Thexpan 180x180 - Strona dla klientów indywidualnych


Thermont is a higher-class roof sandwich panel for applying independently and as an addition to Thexpan panels.

It has a higher density than polyurethane (42 kg / m3) and is therefore warmer and stronger.

It is also distinguished by the shape (standing seam) and invisible connection with the roof structure, hidden under a self-locking clip.

The roof made of Thermont panels is laid in a few hours on a reduced structure.

Available in variant Thermont / sheet – polyurethane – sheet / and Thermont plus / sheet-polyurethane-OSB /.

The OSB panel substitutes the lower sheet in the “plus” variant, eliminating the thermal bridge.

FrigothexY 180x180 - Strona dla klientów indywidualnych


Frigothex is a new solution for the Thexpan wall sandwich panel with application in in refrigeration and freezing chambers.

Frigothex combines three functions for refrigeration:

cooling, insulation and maintenance of moisture.

It cools through the flow of cold glycol or chilled water in the exchanger, insulates the wall with polyurethane and maintains moisture, because it does not precipitate it on the radiator.

It simplifies the refrigeration system and improves temperature distribution conditions.

It occurs in the variant Frigothex / sheet – polyurethane – sheet / and Frigothex plus / sheet-polyurethane-OSB /.

We are the first in the segment to specialize in the production of a new generation of energy-saving solutions and construction systems.

Zaleta1Y - Strona dla klientów indywidualnych

Time saving

Short time of assembly of ready-made elements makes it possible to build a house in just a few days – regardless of the weather conditions and the season.

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Very low bills

The closed-cell polyurethane foam which forms the core of our panels, is the insulation material with the highest thermal resistance among industrial insulation materials available for construction insulation, which significantly affects the low heating costs.

PrzestrzenYellow - Strona dla klientów indywidualnych

Larger usable area

Thanks to the fact that our panels are both load-bearing and insulating modules, the thickness of walls and roofs of buildings in Solcraft systems is more than twice lower than in traditional houses with a similar level of insulation.

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Thanks to the use of the highest quality materials for the production of our panels and the characteristic features of the SIP technology, homes in our systems are extremely resistant to operations of forces of nature.

Current news

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SIP panel is not equal to H-Block panel!

SIP panel is not equal to H-Block panel
…. and in many aspects‼️


model 3d 180x180 - Strona dla klientów indywidualnych
Recreational cottage in Croatia!

We have just started a whole series of deliveries of H-Block, H-Block plus and Thermont plus panels to Croatia for the construction of recreational houses. Here is the first of the erected buildings:

Thexpan timber 1 1 180x180 - Strona dla klientów indywidualnych
Produkcja płyt na specjalne zamówienie

Jak to się mówi, Klient nasz Pan 🙂 Specjalnie na potrzeby garażu dla ostatniego projektu, wyprodukowaliśmy pierwsze konstrukcyjne płyty warstwowe z okładzina blaszaną (z jednej…

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Energy-saving housing estate in Solcraft systems!

Construction of a modern energy-saving housing estate in Solcraft systems has already begun! -> Masovian Voivodeship -> Grójec Poviat -> Municipality of Pniewy

All interested in the offer and construction are encouraged to contact and observe the Osiedle /Housing Estate/ profile


Full list of our finished projects is available to see

in our gallery. Have a look!

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